NEW SDI & TDI Training Staff

Larry's services to the diving community as well as the the general public (which largely go unnoticed) go back to 1989-91 when he participated in the "Eagles Nest Project"; a deep trimix exploration and survey project in one of Florida's most well known aquifers. It was here where the team performed the first civilian Doppler studies on divers in the efforts to validate and adjust some of the first trimix decompression tables developed by Dr. Bill Hamilton, which was the only source of trimix deco tables at that time. For his work in the "Eagle's Nest Project" he received the "Bill McFadden Award" in cartography (the mapping of caves), which communicates a better understanding of the environment to divers.

Larry is a certified Hyperbaric Chamber Operator which assisted in rebreather research in the early 90's with the Carmellon Research Marine Laboratory, Jamaica, making it possible for Larry to be one of the first cave divers to use a closed circuit rebreather in Eagles Nest Cave System, 1991. Also Co-Director of training and the first instructor for the Cis-Lunar MK5 rebreather, and the first pilot on Bill Stones digital mapper in Wakulla Springs, which secured the data for permits for the 1998 Wakulla 2 project.

Larry is the Vice Chairman / Guide with the Florida Speleological Researcher's, which controls access to the Diepolder Cave Systems located in Hernando County on the Boy Scout Reservation. This cave system contains the deepest cave in the continental United States.

Larry has joined the Headquarter Training Department of Scuba Diving International / Technical Diving International (SDI / TDI) as a Senior Instructor Evaluator and Training Director for all Cave & Cavern Programs in the curriculum. He has final authority in the development of standards & procedures in cave and cavern programs for both instructors and divers. He is additionally authorized to liaison with local, state and national authorities on issues related to cave training including public access and other land use. Larry also sits on the Board of Directors of the National Association for Cave Diving (NACD). Larry is the current NACD Training Director for this organization, as well as an active cave instructor and the 2001 & 2002 recipient of the prestigious Paul Meng Award (most active instructor). The NACD is a not-for-profit Florida Corporation, founded in 1968, making it the oldest cave diving organization in the world. All volunteers of the NACD serve without compensation. The organization was founded to provide educational material and information related to safe cave diving for all interested persons. Not only does Larry promote and encourage safety in all types of diving, but he is also active in educating divers on the conservation of the environment and the natural ecosystems related to it. Larry is an active cave instructor with the National Speleological Society - Cave Diving Section (NSS-CDS) and a former training committee member. The CDS is a non-profit educational and scientific organization specifically dedicated to the conservation, study, and safe exploration of underwater caves.

Larry Green is the Assistant Director of the IUCRR (International Underwater Cave Rescue / Recovery) as well as the Regional Coordinator for Florida. The mission of the IUCRR is to support all Public Safety Agencies in the rescue and/or recovery of victims in an underwater environment with overhead. As the Regional Coordinator, Larry responsibility is to maintain a current list of qualified divers in different areas of Florida. Larry participates and calls out IUCRR divers to assist law enforcement agencies with the rescue / recovery of divers who have entered an overhead environment, and not returned within their allotted time. His responsibility also entails holding training programs and seminars for their training annually. Larry participates in the rescue / recoveries to help prevent unqualified divers undue risk and help bring closure to the grieving families.

He continues to strive to make the sport a safer activity to participate in through lectures, community awareness and agency sponsored events.